Practice Areas

  • Appeals

    The appellate process is a unique forum, with its own set of rules and procedures. Whether an appeal is filed in federal court, state court, or an administrative tribunal also makes a difference. NelsonHill Law works with clients seeking to reverse adverse decisions and defends favorable rulings through thoughtful review of the issues, quality brief writing and oral argument.
  • Civil Litigation

    At times, a health care professional may find himself or herself the defendant in a civil suit. Allegations may range from medical malpractice, patient abuse and neglect, to claims of fraud and overbilling. A positive outcome may still be costly. Affordable and effective legal help in defending your professional reputation and earnings is imperative.
  • Criminal Defense

    NelsonHill Law provides health care and nursing home defense to providers and organizations facing criminal charges. These criminal charges may include allegations of fraud relating to upcoding, overbilling or violations of the False Claims Act. Furthermore, any type of criminal conviction may lead to the discipline, including up to the revocation, of your professional license. Implementing a sound legal strategy can eliminate or mitigate the negative consequences to your future.
  • Employment Law

    Working in the health care field requires more than a simple handshake to accept a job; an employment contract needs to be signed. If a health care employee is not happy with a workplace decision, policies and procedures need to be followed in filing a grievance and potentially, a lawsuit. And if a work relationship ends, understanding the impact of signing a severance agreement is important. NelsonHill Law assists clients in understanding and navigating employee agreements, employee grievances, restrictive covenants, and severance agreements.
  • Government Relations

    Today's professionals are faced with not only with doing their jobs on a daily basis, but also complying with the many changing rules and regulations that govern health care. Licensing and certification issues need to be successfully resolved in order to continue working. NelsonHill Law works with licensed professionals and government agencies at the local, state and federal levels to solve legal problems. Compliance and regulation do not need to hinder your ability to earn a living.
  • Health Care Fraud and Abuse

    Sometimes, even the best intentions can result in allegations of fraud and abuse of the health care system. On a daily basis, without any intent or knowledge, a health care provider runs the risk of violating the Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims Act and the Stark Law, just to name a few. When an investigation triggers allegations of fraud and abuse, obtaining legal assistance early is important. NelsonHill Law educates health care providers and organizations on state and federal regulatory laws as well defends against allegations of fraud and abuse.
  • Health Practice Management

    When an event has occurred, requiring the need for legal assistance, NelsonHill Law not only works towards a successful resolution of the current issue, but also provides support and guidance to prevent the issue from re-occurring in the future. NelsonHill Law helps clients manage risk through a review of the client's current policies and procedures, and determines if changes need to be made. NelsonHill Law educates clients on the rules and regulations that govern their profession to mitigate their risk of future legal trouble.
  • Professional Licensing and Disciplinary Defense

    In Wisconsin, including, but not limited to health care professionals, physicians, nurses, dentists and pharmacists, are licensed, regulated and disciplined by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (formerly the Department of Regulation and Licensing). Many laws, rules and regulations cover these professions, which include setting forth education, training and licensure requirement. Furthermore, these laws, rules and regulations outline the scope and standards of professional practices and the basis for limiting, suspending and revoking a professional license. Seeking legal help at the beginning of an investigation becomes necessary to protect the health care professional's interest and achieve the best outcome. Please click here for a complete list of health care professions, licensed and regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.
Kristen has successfully represented clients before the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, the Wisconsin Department of Hearings and Appeals, Wisconsin State Courts and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Kristen has also volunteered with Community Advocates in Milwaukee as a Visiting Legal Fellow.



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